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Son Of a Preacher Man: I. Introduction

Posted on January 22 2018

Son Of a Preacher Man: I. Introduction


Yesterday I started to write an Instagram post, which turned into a blog post, which turned into a novel- stay turned for the movie release! It has left me with the feeling that I want to share my story in order to inspire others, so I have decided to open up over a series of blog posts entitled Son a Preacher Man (surprising but true!).

Emma and I have started the year focused and working towards our future goals and living a life on purpose. Our life circumstances and income have changed dramatically over the last year and as always it’s a bit difficult to manage. Our lives were ticking away and we got on in the way most people do, just doing what needs to be done. I was working long hours at a job that would completely drain me mentally and physically, and Emma was only able to work light duties in her profession since a motor vehicle accident nearly 3 years ago, she had superannuation insurance and a policy that was supposed to last two years, however it got cut short and I reached a point where I was so unhappy I was barely myself. However these days I find that even though we are currently only making less than half (😅) the money we were a year ago, we are now definitely happier than we have ever been!

By simply changing our attitude to our situation (as described in original 1950’s recordings on self-help philosophy by Earl Nightingale & Napoleon Hill), we find we are in turn changing our situation! We will no longer have life’s circumstances direct us, but we are now deciding to take control of our own minds and directing them to accomplish all that we desire!

It has involved making a few drastic changes in our life, for instance getting rid of the TV to clear our brains and then doing everything we can to reduce our bills. We listed my ute for sale on Wednesday afternoon using a marketing method we learned through @theentourageoz , called a “green brain sandwich” it generated so much interest – it sold for the same price I paid nearly 5 years ago for it to the first person who came and looked at it. That’s pretty much unheard of for a 14-year-old car!

Even though I swore I would never, I also sold my ’64 xm falcon 2 door hardtop the night before for the amount I had invested in it. Now that I am focused on a positive outlook on life I feel as though it was the best decision to make and I don’t feel sad about it at all!

We are well on our way now to paying off our debts and only having the home loan to be paid weekly instead of a bunch of different debts and bills adding up to more than what was coming in each week (which had been the case). And all this has come about by simply believing that we can one day live in credit and financial freedom, not debt enslaved for the rest of our lives! So many people are living their day to day lives in a negative attitude towards their life situation and doing the whole “Up, Work, Home, TV, Bed” thing day after day. I know we used to. It is really depressing being like a ship at sea with no crew and no destination, wandering aimlessly through your journey not knowing where you’ll end up. I don’t believe that life need, nor should be this way at all. Believe in yourself. Believe that you do have something to contribute to this beautiful world to make it a better place for you and those around you, start by deciding what a perfect future looks like for you and start taking steps towards it! If you have followed me for a while, you’ll know I have been searching for something different, something more out of life in trying to start up a breeze block business that was (in hindsight) for the wrong reasons. I don’t regret any of it because I have learned so much about myself in the process! As @jackdelosa says “fail forwards” which I believe I am doing!

I have learned that more than anything I want to become an influential and inspirational architect, so I am no longer going to believe the negative thoughts of “but I couldn’t do that” or “I can’t afford to go study” etc. etc. You know the thoughts I’m talking about. Believing those thoughts are the only reason why I am not already an architect! But that’s okay because now that I know this I can change my mindset and start towards realising my potential if I can do it- so can you!

Hell, my highest schooling was a grade 6 primary certificate, and my family used to be homeless when I was a young teenager. ( In future posts I want to tell you more about these stories and how they have helped me to become the person that I am today). Now I am a homeowner, about to become a father and know that my lack of education is not a reflection of my intelligence, or where I could end up in life. If I can rise above life’s seemingly shitty circumstances by remembering that strengths can grow from struggles and a positive attitude can enrich your life, anyone can.

I hope you have enjoyed the introduction to my Blog and I hope you come back for the next instalment.



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