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Rockabilly Jr. on Fast Fashion and Ethics

Posted on February 20 2017

Rockabilly Jr. on Fast Fashion and Ethics

Here at Rockabilly Jr. we want to become leaders in sustainable, and ethical fashion for kool kat kids. We want to ensure the people we employ to make our clothes are paid properly, have acceptable working conditions, just as we enjoy. We also want to encourage quality and far-reaching use over a cheap throw-away mentality.

When considering ethical practices, most people immediately think about the manufacturing process. For example, we all know the spotlight was shone on the fashion industry after the collapse of a manufacturing building in Bangladesh in 2013. A following of documentaries and news articles delved a little deeper and society is now more aware and pushing for ethically made clothes- Fantastic! This is great progress for the Fashion Industry and humanity!

The other half of the ethical puzzle is pollution, which we know to be the result of overconsumption. A product of today’s societal pressures to keep up with the Joneses is pushed by the marketing departments of global corporations; making cheap clothes for a high turnover in profits.

So the truth is manufacturing choices are only half the picture; it’s up to us as individual consumers to make more informed choices about what we buy, who we buy from and what we do with our garments once we are done wearing them.

One of the great things about being alive today is access to information. There are fantastic apps such as Shop Ethical ($5) and Good On You (Free) which allow you to see clothing labels that have been rated against ethical criteria. This is a great way to see who profits from your choice of purchase. It can even reveal where those profits are spent (ie. Political donations), or -even better- show who is part of any ethical activist initiatives (ie. Bauhaus has taken steps to align themselves with; The Uzbek Cotton Commitment) allowing you as a consumer to make better informed choices on who you want to support in this wild world we live in.

It seems crazy to think that small actions by everyday consumers could have an effect on actions taken by multinational corporations or that our seemingly small decisions can have far-reaching effects and impact issues in our local and global communities, but it’s true. The good news is; you can make a difference by choosing to spend money with smaller, local businesses. Small businesses like Rockabilly Jr., are in a position to make conscientious decisions to provide quality, harm-free products, as opposed to focusing on huge quantities, profits and the bottom line.

On the issue of environmental aspects, we do our best to consider what we will do with our garments when we are done with them? Trying to purchase less “cheap” clothing and more “Quality” clothing helps to start with. In general, we try to take good care of our things; wash as per instructions, and fix that button instead of throwing the whole thing out! We certainly know there is no better test to a garment than giving it to a kid!

We hope that once your kids have worn their beloved Rockabilly outfits to death, you could consider how you could extend the lifecycle of the garment. Pass on these timeless styles as hand-me-downs, keep them in a glory box or resell them using the many online forums around.

Personally; I try to re-sell or pass items on to people who will get use out of them, I might even try to get creative and make new looking garments out of two old ones.  I use a lot of old clothing, including nylon stockings for cleaning. Once something really cannot be used anymore I do my best to dispose of it in the right way. Such as Charity bin – not the garbage bin – where it ends up in landfill; if it’s a high-quality garment I look for an appropriate charity such as Dress for Success and Uplift Bras. At these places items then can be sorted, graded and used by those who need it, if it’s no good charities can on-sell textiles to makers of industrial rags, moving blankets and the like. Sure, this process takes a bit more time and effort on my part, but it gives me the warm and fuzzies knowing I’m doing my best in a big bad world.

Technology in recycling is a hot topic these days with advances being made continually. This is an issue Rockabilly Jr. feels strongly about and is very interested in. We are keeping a close eye on this area with a mind to incorporate new ideas in time. We don’t want to be just another clothing label; we want to help humanity progress through becoming ethical leaders in Kids-wear.

We will aim to ensure that all our manufacturing meets high ethical standards. That our garments will be of very high quality, to last well and we will encourage our customers to re-sell or pass on their items once they are done with them.  Rockabilly Jr’s designs will always be unique, classic and versatile items that can be styled many different ways of which do not depend on trends to look good and will, therefore, last years. We want our customers to get the most out of their purchase with us and we want the world to be a better place.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog- it was a long one! Stay tuned for our next blog where we take you through our manufacturing journey so far and give you a feel of what it’s really like behind the scenes at Rockabilly Jr.

Love Emma Pixie.

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